Savlon - Bhoot Shamlao

Production House: M Records
Brand Name: Savlon
Type of Product or Service: Hygiene product
Campaign Duration: 30 days (28 July - 28 August, 2020

Campaign Video

During Covid-19, people have been compelled to cave inside their homes. The same things happened for kids across the country. But kids are not as resilient as the adults to withstand this dire situation. As a result, it has created negative impact on kid’s mental health which needed to stop.

Savlon took an initiative with the Bangladeshi band, Chirkutt. Together, we created a song for kids that will generate awareness about the pandemic and develop the habit to handle this situation positively. Making the habit of washing hands with sanitizers or handwash was the primary step in this direction.  

Case Study Video

Core idea
Children are susceptible to suggestions if given in an interesting manner. If they see that, even the ghosts living around are now getting affected with Covid-19 and they are at the mercy of the humans who alone are able to take preventive measures, the children will take an interest on these preventive measures while staying at home. Maintaining these measures will be a game to them and they will not get bored.

A ghost kid is seen to ask for shelter to a human child. Having mercy on the harmless ghost kid, the little human girl takes him inside and embarks on a journey of staying safe within their household. Among their positive acts, they develop the habit of washing hands with Savlon handwash. And at the end, the little girl gives the ghost kid a mask, with which he can now roam around keeping himself safe. This story is knitted into the song and the visualization.


Generated awareness across the audience through the campaign. Reached over 3 million people, 34K+ post engagement and over 491K+ minutes video views on social media. Overall watch time (hours) is more than 5.7K ensured awareness and develop the habit to handle this situation positively.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the major concerns all around the world was the mental and physical well-being of kids. In fear of catching the virus, parents were forced to keep the children locked inside their homes with little to no room for their daily play time. Our concept was to make a song that would cheer up the kids. A song with a ghost who himself was afraid of the Corona virus.
In the music video, Savlon tagged with Chirkutt where they cleverly used lyrics to have fun with the audience and even teach them to wash hands and wear masks to keep the fear out of their heart.
We wanted to contribute some form of entertainment in the lives of parents and kids who are stuck in the homes during the lockdown, and wanted to bring notice to children’s mental and physical well-being during the lockdown and social distancing. 


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