Nodi Rocks Season 1

Let's rekindle love towards our Rivers

Production House: CorpoVisual
Brand Name: Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh
Type of Product or Service: Climate Change Awareness and River System Sustenance Awareness
Campaign Duration: November 2021 to October 2022.

Campaign Video

While the youth of Bangladesh are spearing ahead in the fields of innovation and technology, it is towards mother nature that they are failing to show their prominence. With simple questions like name ten rivers, they struggled, proving to us how detached they are from our Nodi matrik desh, Bangladesh.

The objective of this campaign is to creative awareness to River Way sustenance and awareness towards climate change as they are interdepended on each other. But instead of pushing for policies or going for lectures, we aimed to create awareness though fun and easily acceptable methods.

Case Study Video

Core idea
Using Music as a tool, our idea is to have a song for each and every river of Bangladesh one day. That way, the name of these rivers will be imbedded in the minds of the youth as they will be sung by popular bands of Bangladesh. And using the lyrics, we will be telling the listeners about the rivers, its unique features, how it is right now, and visually show the beauty of those rivers and its current conditions, as these music videos will be shoot next to those rivers.

There will be 7 songs on seven rivers of Bangladesh sung by seven popular bands of the country. Padma will be covered by Arbovirus, Kushiyara by Cryptic Fate, Shangu by Chirkutt, Buriganga by Ashes, Chitra by Smooches, Dahuk by F Minor and Pashur by Bangla 5. With these 7 songs, there will be 7 music videos shot next to those rivers. These music videos will be launched weekly throughout the month of June and July, 2022 and at the end of July, there will be a mega concert with these 7 bands.


The campaign has so far earned 5.1 million reach, 26k followers, 1.2 million engagement, 9.6 million minutes viewed, 3.5 million total views, 3,6k comments, 1.9k shares, and 800+ YouTube subscribers with still 3 more song launches and a mega concert with all these 7 bands, with plans to start Season 2 of Nodi Rocks immediately. The project has also managed PR in over 10 print media and newspapers, 30 online news portals and 10 tv channels. The campaign was also mentioned by popular rock bands, individual artists, associations, representatives of MNCs, NGOs, Ministries, Embassies, and people living near those rivers.


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