Shwapno - Ghumabe Na Bangladesh

Production House: Stranger Production
Brand Name: Shwapno
Type of Product or Service: Grocery Chain (Retail)
Campaign Duration: 30 days (24 July - 24 August, 2019) 

Campaign Video

The Social Media journey of Bangladesh is not that long. This is an age where Facebook users are ignorant about the credibility of unfiltered news and information. It is unfortunate how a rumor becomes the truth for the masses, bringing ill-fated and disgraceful event in the eyes of humanity. 

We wanted to stand against these rumors. Salt, with the generous support and help of the Shwapno Team, thought of creating a campaign that taps into root of every human being, our core humanity, our emotion by showing the sad casualties currently present within our society. 

Case Study Video

Core idea
Great stories are always inspired from real life events. And it is very unfortunate that we had to see something so painful to realize what is wrong with our society. Understanding that such a horrendous thing needs to stop, we poured in our emotion into showing the loss of a mother, a daughter, a wife and so many possibilities, just because someone decided to inhumanely act on a rumor. 

We believed in the raw reality. We believed in the emotion we felt when we placed our loved one in that lost soul’s place. We were traumatized. And we wanted to make our audience feel that.
In this content, we showed that lost mother, lying in the middle of a street, lifeless with the world in disarray. And as we felt that chill through the visual representation, that lost mother’s daughter asked for her, urging her mother to come home. It wasn’t an easy task for us, but we had to, so that no ones else needed to feel what we felt.  


The video got organically viral as it couldn’t be boosted due to Facebook’s content policy. In total, the video got played 71.4k minutes, with over 170.5k views and 19.5k engagement. This video had a high audience retention with on average people watch time till 1-minute mark in 1 minute 3 second video.
One notable achievement is Zunaid Ahmed Palak (Minister of ICT, Bangladesh), shared this video appreciating the thought and respect behind it. In the video’s lifetime, the video got shared 2.7k times without any boosts, with countless number of secondary shares in several Facebook communities, with people attempting to generate awareness and show a stance against senseless public beating based on false rumors.
Overall, we have noticed an increase of Shwapno Facebook engagement. This is a direct contribution of our content connecting with our audience through a relevant and contemporary topic which in-turn converted to loyalty.

Our motivation and spirit behind making this OVC was very clear and very emotional. When we all heard the news about that unfortunate woman being beaten to death just based on a false rumor, everyone in the team was heartbroken and devastated. The feeling of insecurity creeped into us. A sudden loss of words took a hold on us.
As a result, we wanted to show the raw emotion that poured out of us when we imagined our loved ones in her place. Every second of making the video was difficult for us, as it pushed a chill up our spines. Just the thought of something like that ever happening to us, it was the only motivation we needed to show people and make people realize that something like this is simply not acceptable in our society and we as the representators of Bangladesh and its culture will not stand for such an inhumane act. 


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