Shwapno - সেবা প্যাক

Production House: Toaster Production
Brand Name: Shwapno
Type of Product or Service: Grocery Chain (Retail)
Campaign Duration: 30 days (20 April - 20 May, 2020) 

Campaign Video

United by a dream and with the heartfelt responsibility to stand next to the people who were hit hard by the global pandemic, a great portion of the population moved together to become the strength that would inspire people to survive, as the country came to an unexpected halt.

Shwapno has always been the brand who stands beside its people. Now, Shwapno wants to facilitate others who shared Shwapno’s vision by providing ‘Sheba pack’ which consisted of rice, lentil, salt, sugar, and other daily necessities at a discounted price and thus facilitating such a noble work. 

Case Study Video

Core idea
Shwapno always promotes and strives on unity. And it was time for others to do it as well. Being the responsible brand who shares the same dream as these local heroes who wanted to help others in need, Shwapno wanted to facilitate that.

In this OVC, an elderly person is seen entering a Shwapno outlet. He doesn’t look around much, but directly goes towards the daily food basics. There, he buys a huge amount of daily necessities, which got the attention of the floor manager. Curious, the manager askes the elderly if the purchase was for home. To his surprise, the elderly replied, “No, it’s for my country.” Feeling the lift of pride and respect, the manager introduces Shwapno’s attempt to help people like the elderly man, Shwapno’s “Sheba pack”, Bangladesh’s one and only attempt by a brand to stand beside such local heroes.
This is also important to mention that this was the first video production from any corporation during the COVID-19 lockdown. Through great difficulty, the production was finished by Salt Creatives & Events Limited, feeling it is their own responsibility to promote such an attempt to help the local communities. 


Shwapno has always been a pioneer when it comes to experimenting for the sake of humanity. And here, we have seen it firsthand. Even though in store footfalls were record low for Shwapno, there have been a surge of people coming to only buy the Sheba packs to help the local community. A great amount of appreciation was received in the digital space and well as in the store floors. The content itself has received 149.7 times higher performance scores when compared with Shwapno’s other posts within 21+ days of its publishing, 188.9 times more 1-Minute Views, 414.1 times more Shares, 49.7 time more Comments, 176.7 times more Reactions and 2.2 times more Average View Time.
In total, the content achieved 1.7 Million Minutes Viewed and 230.8K Overall Engagement. A total of 4.6 Million people were reached so far in this campaign. 

Among countless acts of humanity, one of the most prevailing one during the Covid-19 pandemic was people coming to the streets with food and rations to help those in need. Such an act of unity was overwhelming for everyone, which even pushed some of us to go out there and help in our local community. We have witnessed this unity among every generation and in every income levels. So when people wanted to go out and get these rations for donation, a common problem they faced is that people had to custom make those packages at home or at the store itself with the possibility of getting infected by Corona Virus. So Shwapno wanted to take care of that problem by providing pre-made package.
We were inspired to promote this service feeling the need to let people know such a package is available at Shwapno and it would facilitate them to help the local community as they were also offered at a discounted price even during the pandemic.  


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