Shwapno – Selfless Sacrifice

Production House: Runout Films LTD.
Brand Name: Shwapno
Type of Product or Service: Grocery Chain (Retail)
Campaign Duration: 30 days (08 August – 08 September, 2019) 

Campaign Video

Eid-al-Adha is one of those special moments in Bangladesh when all the retail chains offer amazing discounts. These brands start communicating through all their available channels; and as a result, any ordinary communication gets lost and people start to forget the ads they saw.

Hence, among all the discounts and offer communications of other shops, Shwapno needed to stand out with a brilliant idea. We needed something different, a story that touches everyone’s hearts.  

Case Study Video

Core idea
In every family there is that one person, the special one who takes care of others. These souls keep on giving up various aspects of their lives, their dreams to be something or someone, only for the sake of others. They deserve a special place in everyone’s heart. So, in this campaign, Shwapno addressed all those people who carries a heart of gold, and offer them discounts just as they have discounted their lives for others.

In this OVC, an elder sister is seen to take care of her brother, sisters, and their parents. She didn’t get married, didn’t become some decorated doctor even though she had all the qualities. She took the responsibility of her family when her mother fell ill, sacrificing her life in all the countless possibilities, only for the betterment of others.
In the end, her brother offers her a better room at the house and says that she deserves it. As Eid-al-Adha is a symbol of sacrifice, in this holy occasion, Shwapno pays respect to those who keeps on sacrificing for others, and introduced a huge collection of products at a discounted price as a tribute to those sacrifice. 


Emotion is one of the most important factors when it comes to creating a connection with an audience. With Shwapno’s attempt with the aforementioned OVC, the brand was able to capture a significant amount of mindshare with the content achieving 363.4K of minutes viewed and 38k times more engagement when compared to regular Shwapno campaigns. This was one of those contents that has contributed massively to the brand’s value through qualitative responses. To put it simply, Shwapno has managed to, once again, touch thousands of hearts with a heartfelt story that was able to stand out during the holy month of Eid-al-Adha 2020.

In the fast paced life of ours, we are always looking for something new and always trying to get our hands on some form of achievements. But while we are always striving forward to become something, we are always forgetting and leaving behind someone precious. Someone who is the complete opposite when it comes to our goals, someone who doesn’t stive to become something in the eyes of the society, but stive to be the strength behind their family. We wanted to tell the story of that soul, who had to forego all that he or she could have become. We wanted to show that such a sacrifice helped create more lives and an endless realm of possibilities.
It is always there, in everyone of our lives. That sacrifice which helped us build something greater, which helped us be someone greater. So we wanted to give a tribute to that person, whose sacrifice made us who we are today. 


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